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Food that reminds you of comfortable times. Easier times. Yummier times. Times when homGooey, Juvenile, Oozing, Cheesy Fun. Crafted to be a five-sensory experience, the Melt Shop menu connects you to joy with each bite. Screams enjoy with every glance. Boasts fun with every touch. Perks you up with every crunch. And, relaxes you with every smell. Food that reminds you of easier times. Yummier times. For our team, that food is melted sandwiches. And tater tots. And salads. And milkshakes. Mmm milkshakes. It’s food you love, but like you’ve never had it before.e cooking was the only kind of cooking. For us, that food is grilled sandwiches. And tater tots. And milkshakes. Mmmmilkshakes.


Hours: 4:30am - 8pm
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